“Up-and-coming, on her way to becoming a supermodel”, Kaia Gerber, was spotted in Milan, Italy, after attending the Fendi fashion show.

She wore one of the Frame’s newest creations, a pair of leopard print jeans. They are a micro-flare style, made of velvet, available for a “mere” $415 at Nordstrom. And there’s more, if you want to look like a total cheetah, no problemo. Frame offers a matching cheetah print jacket as well. Kaia added a black Metallica t-shirt from Brandi Melville, which she had cut off at midriff.

How long, until we see some Kardashian/Jenner/Hadid clad in the complete outfit?! 😉 Guess what – check out Bella Hadid in her total Cheetah look she sported a couple of days ago in my next post! Long live Cheetah! Or not?