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Kendall Jenner was once again showing her fashion forward sense of style. She sported a double denim outfit, being both, the jeans and the jacket, from Balenciaga. A nice medium blue, kind of vintage reminiscent shade with no fading or distressing at all.

At first I thought that Kendall somehow got the buttons on her jacket buttoned up all wrong, but then I realized that actually, that is the style of the Balenciaga crossover front jacket. According to the Balenciaga website description you can use it in a couple of different ways: “Seasonal Pulled construction: can be worn as a classic coat, open and close, or using the button at shoulder to create a twisted swathed volume”.

As for the jeans, they are a straight leg, high waisted, vintage kind of style, featuring an exposed button-fly. As far as I can see, nothing special here to justify the almost $700 price tag.

Kendall finished off her look with a pair of “scary” looking totally pointed black booties, also from Balenciaga. They make me think of knives, how about knife-booties for a new trend LOL!

The jeans are available at Net-A-Porter, and the jacket is available for pre-order at Barney’s.

You can shop for very similar straight leg jeans from Levi’s, Baldwin, and Calvin Klein.

straight leg jeans


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