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Denim Diva Rihanna, showed up at several events during the NYFW in this Dolce Gabbana Patchwork Denim jacket (?) or dress (?). The designers refer to it as a jacket, but to me it looks like a blue patchwork potato sack dress. Sorry, guys, but this time RiRi really overdid it. That garment is neither flattering, nor particular sexy or, well, anything. Yeah, there are tons of details, embellishments, patches, etc. etc. very confusing and hurts my eyes.

Wait – there is also this little cheetah print handbag from Louis Vuitton And more, the furry light blue strap sandals from Nicole Saldana….gimme a break LOL!

And just look at Rihanna’s jacket/dress bugling around her as she gets out of a car (below). Nah, Rihanna, with all the rad denim you must have in your closet, this one is THE one to loose, pretty please and ASAP!

Check out some “do-able” and more sexy denim dresses here and here.

patchwork denim


  1. Maybe not sexy to the general audience, but to denim lovers, this so interesting and quite hot. Thank you, RiRi, for lighting up the denim category!

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