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The Unravel machine is careening in the exact opposite direction the verbiage of its name suggests: Ben Taverniti’s vision is succeeding, and growing.

Unravel’s women’s Resort collection had some crossovers with men’s Spring in terms of upgrading athleticism, but was more experimental in its general impression. Not a huge fan of color, Taverniti tampered with gradients of white on such things as a trickster trenchcoat, which could be worn either frontwards or backwards, a cropped-body but long-sleeved MA-1, and a hybridized Western denim shirt–meets-double-breasted car coat. There were also new wedge booties, one in allover denim (very Britney Spears–throwback in verve), and further splicing-and-dicing with aviator jackets and denim snap shirts, PVC pants, and racy, formfitting dresses.

The best aspect in and of both was that everything adhered to Taverniti’s mission statement: It looked like what he and his wife, makeup artist Joyce Bonelli (Bonelli is also his business partner, and a co-designer of Unravel), would and do wear day in and day out. Concluded the designer: “The Unravel vibe isn’t really about a trend. It’s to continue to establish my look. . . and hopefully, actually, it will be known as the ‘Unravel look’ in time, without a print or anything to identify it. Just the silhouette, and the attitude.”

You can shop for the current Unravel collection at Barney’s, Farfetch, and at Luisaviaroma.

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{images: courtesy Vogue}