boyfriend jeans

Lately we have been seeing a lot of Victoria Beckham in denim and we love! By the looks of it, she likes to re-produce the classic denim uniform of jeans/t-shirt and it never looks boring or “déjà vu” on her. Like this time she opted to prep up her look by adding an oversized blazer and high heeled stilettos. Hey, hasn’t she confirmed a few months ago that she’s so over high heels and totally into flats? So much for good intentions LOL.

Victoria’s cropped boyfriend jeans are reminding us of the very popular vintage style which has been popping up everywhere for the past few seasons. This style, made of a more rigid and less stretchy denim is going to continue strong for the coming seasons as well, so it’s a “good investment” if you’re looking to re-new your denim wardrobe.

These exact jeans are from Victoria’s newest collection for spring 2018, so they are not available yet, but you can check out her current denims here.

You can also buy very similar jeans with that special vintage vibe from WranglerAGOLDEAG, Vince, and these Bladwin’s are so insanely uber-cool!