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Wear With Your Jeans – Sweatshirts for the Ladies

Wear With Your Jeans – Sweatshirts for the Ladies
printed sweatshirt wear with your jeans
PRPS Love Note Sweatshirt

The idea to post about sweatshirts that will look great with your jeans came up when I was browsing ….checking out new denim, well, do what’s the most enjoyable part of my job description!!

I couldn’t believe the variety of stunning and insane sweats I found from brands that I would never have guessed, like I was thinking they did only denim, or only yoga pants, you get it, right!

For example, his colorful baby on the image above is from the PRPS women’s collection, such a cute and mood-lifting sweatshirt, this will be so perfect for those gloomy dark winter days….

So, here you go, I chose some interesting sweatshirts and I am sure there will be something just right for you. At any rate, if there is nothing here that really speaks to you, you can continue living in your good ole American Apparel and Hanes sweats – nothing wrong with these, either. It’s just that sometimes we do need to “prep up” a bit – even in winter, and under our down coats, scarves, etc….. 🙁

And dudes, stay tuned, following up, I will be posting bout some awe-some rad and insane sweatshirts for you as well. Like I love to point out: ladies first, please.

white sweatshirts
grey sweatshirts
Fiorucci Vintage Angels sweatshirt
RE/DONE The Crawford Cotton Hoodie
black hoodies
ruffle sweatshirts
NSF Adelaide Cotton-Blend French Terry Sweatshirt
blue sweatshirts
NIKE Versa cropped sweatshirt
pink sweatshirts
Tommy Jeans For UO ’90s Pullover Sweatshirt
pink ruffle sweatshirt
ASOS Sweatshirt With Ruffle Cold Shoulder
leopard print
Splendid Leopard Cold Shoulder Hoodie