You know what’s fun? Going to H&M and finding loads of magical, expensive-looking things that cost less than half a month’s rent. It’s a happy reminder that good fashion doesn’t have to break the bank.

This said, over the next month or so, prepare to spend all your cash chez Hennes & Mauritz — not because prices are rising, but due to the sheer volume of good things to come. On October 5th, the Swedish mega-retailer will launch its latest eco-friendly effort, a six-piece denim line known as the Close the Loop collection.

A little background: in recent times, H&M has devoted itself to making its business model more sustainable (as all fast-fashion brands ought). You’re probably familiar with its “take-back” program, which allows customers to drop off unwanted apparel (of any brand) at its stores. H&M then recycles these materials itself. And YOU get a 15% off discount code!

The new denim line is made from 20 percent recycled materials sourced from these cast-aside clothes — hence the name Close the Loop. The other 80 percent is organic cotton fibers from the Better Cotton Initiative because, apparently, H&M doesn’t yet have the technology to produce clothes made exclusively from recycled fibers. (The retailer promises that by 2030, all of its products will be made primarily from sustainable or recycled materials.)

The capsule itself is well-tailored and trendy: there’s a cute center-zip pencil skirt, a pair of O-ring zip overalls, jeans in various in-demand silhouettes and — it being the age of Rihanna — an oversized denim jacket.

Meantime, you can shop for more rad H&M denim from the F/W collection right now here.

{images courtesy: fashionspot}