I just read a post from another denim blogger about how much she hates vintage jeans. And I thought – ouch, that post hurt me a lot – and not around my “nether” regions (that’s how she refers to the “camel toe syndrome”), but it totally hurt in my denim heart!

I am a passionate vintage denim lover and always have been. Sure, I do love some stretch and comfort as well. But hey! Who said you can do only one OR the other?! You can so totally wear vintage jeans – which, BTW , by the time you’re going to wear them should be pretty soft already – AND enjoy your stretchy skinnies as well.

Remember guys, at the time when vintage jeans were still brand new – they weren’t yet called vintage jeans, but new jeans. And the term “skinny jean” didn’t even exist yet.

People all over the globe were loving their rigid denims. You’d have a hard time searching about camel toe or muffin tops complaints at that time. Whoever didn’t like the feel and look of the “real” denim simply didn’t wear them. Period.

The secret to do vintage jeans the right way is obvious: do not wear them as if they were skinny stretchy spanx jeggings. Wear them the way people wore them at the time: relaxed, comfortable, even a bit baggier than you normally would. And see if they still impede you from doing anything you want/need to do. Like sitting down or climbing the subway steps.

And there is more: Levi’s as well as RE/DONE do offer the very same wedgie jean (Levi’s) and hi-rise skinny (RE/DONE) with stretch as well!

This said, come on guys, there is nothing more authentic and nothing that makes a denim lover’s heart beat faster than a pair of REAL RIGID DENIM jeans, anybody disagree?

Therefore, while we’re at it – you can buy cool vintage and/or refurbished jeans at UO, Barney’s and Etsy. And, of course, Levi’s and RE/DONE are a must-have πŸ˜‰

P.S. Do you really believe that all the celebs wearing vintage jeans are actually suffering while doing so? I mean, according to this other denim blogger, about 90% of the celebrities are spotted wearing vintage jeans at one time or another, how silly would that be?

I am just very curious what you guys think about all this – and it would be so awesome if you leave a comment below the post πŸ˜‰


  1. Vintage denim has that “real denim” wash, which most of the new denim lacks. It’s undeniable that new denim is more comfortable, but lacks durability. So, if you are willing to sacrifice a bit of comfort for a little vintage flavor, then do so. But if you want new school cuts/fits, stick to new wave denim since, as stated in article above, they cant be worn, and weren’t intended in the first place, to be worn skin tight. Loved the article, btw!

    • Thank you Bane – it always makes my day when I feel that you guys understand where I am going YAY!!!!

  2. There are denim companies Lisette has probably never heard of, such as French Dressing Jeans from Canada. They’ve been around over a decade, but are unknown to many because you have to order online. There are few boutiques in the USA that stock them. They specialize in classic high waist and bootcut mid-rise denim jeans for women with curvy to straight figures. They offer a traditional 1950s straight leg look and fit just like Marilyn & Liz; only the fabrics are modern with 2% lycra. The fit and look is the same. It’s the best of both worlds IMHO. Soft, thick denim that feels real but modern fabrics for comfort. The next best thing is NYDJ which most people have seen or tried.

    • Hello Hat Lady – super thanks! I am always delighted to learn about denim brands, especially when they’re about no frill, “down-to-earth” denim. I checked out French Dressing Jeans and they are available at Zappos and at Amazon. Soft thick denim that feels real – this is so cool, I will def keep that in mind πŸ™‚

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