Liverpool Peyton Slim Boyfriend in Carbon Destruct Denim Review - front view

Hello dear denim lovers! Glad to be back and this time with a pair of trusted boyfriend jeans. There are only two things that make my knees buckle from excitement, boyfriend jeans, destroyed denim, rhinestud details, and ice cream (ok, so more like 4 things!). In any case, today’s review is all about Liverpool’s Peyton Slim Boyfriend in Carbon Destruct.

This isn’t the first time I’ve reviewed a pair of boyfriends or overshared a bit of personal information, but this is the first time I’ve reviewed a pair by Liverpool. Don’t you just love “1st-ever experiences” ?

With “experience” in mind, Liverpool was founded and is run by two very experienced fashion experts. Their unwavering relentlessness and dedication to building a line that “has it all” is admirable, and as a designer myself, I know how challenging it can be to  please all your customers. We all know there’s no “one size fits all” in the denim world but they seem to get close, especially when it comes to your budget!

As I browsed through their website for styling and fabrication information I discovered one key factor – Liverpool strongly believes in high quality denim that’s affordable. Innovation and the “perfect fit” without compromise is key, and that’s no easy feat to accomplish. As a denim lover like the rest of you, I know how challenging it can be to purchase  “high-end” designer quality denim on a budget. Heck, I don’t even think those words normally belong in the same sentence. But here we are, and please believe that denim covered unicorns do exist!

So, let’s talk about my unicorn y’all! Liverpool’s Peyton Slim Boyfriend is a beautifully washed down black denim. The light sanding throughout the jean is subtle and natural, and gently highlights all the right places. The distress and destruction on these  throughout the legs is also very subtle and graceful and is backed with another piece of fabric (which is plus for the cooler months when you don’t want skin to show). Thus making this an  appropriate pair to wear in the office during the day and funk it up at night with your favorite motorcycle jacket and those trending sock booties! It’s amazingly soft and not fitted to the point of immobility. I wore these to work and sat in them in all sorts of positions while at my computer desk.

The Peyton Slim Boyfriend is a  5-pocket jean, with all the designer finishes and touches. The Peyton is not your average pair of boyfriends in terms of fit.  As listed on their website, it’s more of a slim boyfriend which means it won’t overwhelm your frame as other “boyfriends” tend to do. Prior to receiving these I was hesitant, do I really need another pair of boyfriend jeans? The answer is, “Are you kidding, why was that even a question!?” Of course I needed THESE! I have a my fair share of boyfriends but I can honestly say I don’t own a pair that fit quite like these. I love that these are a nice relaxed fit that still make me feel feminine and put together.

If you are looking for a boyfriend I can’t help you with that, but if you are looking for a great fitting, affordable pair of “Boyfriend Jeans” then you’ve come to the right place. Liverpool’s Peyton Slim Boyfriend jean is a great pair of jeans and I give this 10 thumbs up for quality, comfort, and PRICE! You can check these bad boys out here!


  1. This faded black wash plus the rip and repair detail make these bad boys THE perfect jean for the colder season 😉

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