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Non-Boring Denims to Wear This Fall

Non-Boring Denims to Wear This Fall

Basic denim will forever be a fashion staple, but itโ€™s always fun to spice things up a little bit. Here, weโ€™re rounding up some hot denims that are anything but boring.

Sometimes a bold stripe is all you need to make denim feel fresh and new. And an edgy frayed hem is also a nice touch.

As much as I love my very basic and no-frill jeans, sometimes I need to add some kind of embellishment to my night-life – clubbing, dating, sharing a drink with my BFF’s, well… One pair of embellished babies is going to make that whole difference!

Check out some suggestions here from moderate to insane non-boring ๐Ÿ˜‰

pearl inset jeans
Pistola Charlie Rhinestone Embellished Skinny Jeans in Diamond Dust

an “embellished” day in or fancy night out – we all need one of these sometimes!

straight leg jeans
BLANKNYC High-rise straight leg jean with detailed cuff

aren’t we all kinda tired of “regular” cuffed hems ?!!!

tuxedo stripe jeans
MOTHER Insider Crop Step Fray

a stripe can make THAT difference in a pair of jeans

light blue jeans
Y/PROJECT Cuff Fold Straight Jeans

because all the Gigis and Bellas are doing these ๐Ÿ˜‰

 embellished jeans
AMIRI Embellished Slim Jeans

who says you can’t borrow from the boys?

lace-up jeans
Missguided high waisted lace side skinny jeans

fashion jeans for a reasonable price – and recycle them next season!

mom jeans
Topshop Rope Embellished Mom Jeans

hmmmm…. not your usual Topshop jean, right!

cargo pants
Parker Smith Utility Skinny

hell yes to sexy cargo jeans!

embroidered jeans
Grlfrnd Karolina hi-rise skinny jean

let’s play flower-power once again

snap jeans
Liquor N Poker Jeans with wide leg, slit and beaded embellishment

wear your jeans AND show of your legs, too!