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A couple of weeks ago we have introduced you to the well known Japanese denim brand, RED CARD. This is the first time they have launched a women’s collection as well, and it’s awesome.

Here is what they are telling us:

“RED CARD is a Japanese denim brand founded by Yuji Honzawa, known as “Dr. Denim”, in 2009. Inspired by vintage American work wear, the ethos of the brand is rooted in fabric, fit, and finish, elevating classic denim to a Japanese art form. Made entirely in Japan, from the wash process to the fading, whiskering and finishes, highly skilled denim masters hand craft each pair of RED CARD jeans to achieve a true vintage look and feel while maintaining a modern fit.

Utilizing the highest quality materials, the use of Kaihara denim made from supima cotton gives RED CARD jeans the worn in look for which the brand has become known, while also maintaining a light weight feel that is soft to the touch. With finishes created by hand by master craftsmen, down to the places hidden at first glance – each garment is cared for individually, creating a richly unique feel without the use of lavish pocket stitches or selvedge decorations.

RED CARD is washed in one of the top wash facilities in the world with absolutely precise recipes, resulting in textures that resemble perfectly worn in jeans. Through the use of techniques unbeknownst to traditional production practices, these creations by the top artisans of Japan are nothing short of works of art.

With 25 years of experience in the denim industry, Mr. Honzawa’s range in knowledge of denim is undeniably awe inspiring. Working with denim power-houses Levi’s and Edwin in addition to consulting for some of the biggest jeans sellers in the country, including Uniqlo, Muji, Onward Holdings and Takeo Kikuchi, he is renowned for the establishment of the Edwin 503, and was responsible for the model change of the Levi’s 501 during his early career.

In the pages of Japanese denim history, the last 10 years can well be said to be the Honzawa period.

RED CARD is one of the most successful denim lines in the Japanese market today and they are expanding their women’s line in the US. The timing couldn’t be more perfect since the US market is trending towards real vintage and vintage-inspired denim, which has always been at the core of the brand’s DNA. Possessing a high fashion literacy, RED CARD targets the fashion conscious who appreciate simplicity, dyed with?the essence of greatness.”

For now, RED CARD is available at Shopbop, but they will also be selling at other retailers like American Rag and Brooklyn Denim soon.

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    • Yes, heir jeans look like “real” vintage denim and not artificially contrived. And they do have that certain vintage “feel” as well 🙂

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