baggy jeans

Sofia Richie was out in Beverly Hills with new boyfriend ex-Kardshian, wearing a pair of baggy Tommy Hilfiger mom’s  jeans and  a skintight black bodysuit.

Pretty unflattering, especially since Sofia had rolled up her jeans at the ankle just too many times so that the cuffs are really too thick and heavy. She paired them with white Nike leather Air Force One sneakers.

Well, let’s say, you could make mom’s jeans look much prettier and sexy if you wear them with some kind of heels, maybe stack heel booties, but baggy and thick cuffed hems just don’t do it!

Tommy Hilfiger jeans are having their come-back moment now, ever since they recruited the Hadid clan to promote them. Personally, I really like the Tommy vintage jeans, but not so much their new styles and washes.

Urban Outfitters does have quite a lot of Hilfiger items, and you can also buy the current collection at Revolve.

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