When you want to wear jeans but also be naked: Japanese brand Thibaut showed what are being called “thong jeans” at its Tokyo fashion show this week.

Did I actually want to post this? Well, when one of our most ardent readers – hello Jeawhiz πŸ™‚ – sent me a link to this rag-absurdity, unjustified to call this thing even a jean, I thought what the heck, lets all have a good laugh this Sunday morning! At any rate, my Inbox was flooded with comments about these new and, um…. trending? what, abomination LOL!

Showing a Spring/Summer 2018 collection at Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo this week, Thibaut debuted a pair of denim “seams” that hardly even pants at all, with everything but the seams cut away and leaving just a thong-like foundation underneath. Or: which are essentially just seams sewn together sans fabric.

How long until we see a Hadid/Kardashian, or maybe Sofia Richie, presenting us with their unique (?) ways of styling these?

But these things, which aren’t for sale yet, are far from the first pair of unconventional jeans a designer has tried to sell this year, as you all know by now by following us @Denimology!

And if you thought that picture on top was a look, please brace yourself for the rearview (pun intended) of the jeans…


Yes, “thong jeans” now exist and if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to start my official “Make Jeans Whole Again” – campaign.

P.S. After some “serious” thinking, I came to the conclusion that this guy, Thibaud, of whom nobody has heard about before, is actually pretty smart. Great thinking – shock the (denim)world and you’ll be talked about, googled, searched for… Remember, that’s what had happened with brands like Vetements and Unravel, just to cite a couple.

The bet is on – what do you think?


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