Are you ready to get “laced up”?! Well, no problem – 3×1 got you covered!

Their Lacy Midway Skinny is “tied-up” at the outside of the legs with with a wide black lace and grommets . Those metal grommets make all the difference, they are much bigger than the usual ones, which is one of the reasons why we love the 3×1 version of the lace-ups. Makes the jeans stand out even more!

The good thing is that you can wear these black bad boys right now, exposing as much skin as you like while it’s still warm outside.

Once it gets colder, you can wear some fishnets or printed pantyhose underneath which should make your outfit into quite eye-catching affair.

And if you want to go the whole way (all tied up from head to toe LOL), there is also the option of the lace-up bustier (last image below), which you can wear layered over a tee, like shown here, and later on over a long sleeve turtleneck sweater or bodysuit.

You can purchase 3×1 pieces online on their website.