So, how about a real funny DOOTD? oh…. that’s a Denim Onion Of The Day

The Levi’s Woke jeans lets you show the world how tuned in you are. SNL (Saturday Night Live) hilariously mocks “woke” millennials with “sizeless, gender non-conforming” jeans.

On Saturday Night Live, Levi’s Woke jeans ask a simple question: If you’re woke, why aren’t your jeans?

The skit was a commercial for a new line of Levi’s jeans known as “Levi Wokes”, which are “sizeless, style-neutral, gender non-conforming denim for a generation that defies labels.”

This faux-ad, featuring Ryan Gosling, some random kid, and an assortment of SNL cast members, is built to appeal to a generation that sometimes seems more concerned with getting the lingo right than actually fostering positive change in the world. If you see these things and nod approvingly, maybe spend some time looking inward.

The commercial begins as different sized, colored and aged people say what their jeans say they are — such as “skinny,” “relaxed,” “child” — and they denounce those labels.

“I’m not a style, I’m not a size, I’m not a child, I’m me, I’m unique, I’m…woke!” the actors say.

“Levis heard that if you’re not woke, it’s bad,” a narrator says. “So we made these!”

The jeans are skinny around the legs, but are like oversized parachute pants at the thighs. They are a brownish color.

“Defining someone by their style? That’s offense,” says one actor. “That’s why Levi Wokes have no style.”

“What’s my size? Why don’t you try asking me about my accomplishments,” adds another.

“My Levi Wokes are size me…they fit every body…because they fit no body,” another group of actors say.

The new jeans aren’t blue, either. They’re “greb” – according to the narrator.

“They’re not brown, but they not not brown,” says one actor. “It’s a handful of colors, none of which are dominate.”

As far as pockets are concerned, there are none. And for the zipper? It’s “180 degrees of gender non-conformity” — or a “uni-fly” that begins where a normal zipper begins, but zips a full 180 degrees to the rear.

“My jeans let me decide how I go to the bathroom”, one actor says.

But the woke millennials had just one more pressing question: “Are the “wokes” made by children in an Indonesian factory?”

“Nah, they’re made right here in the USA — by white kids”, actors respond.

“Woke” is a cultural slang word used to describe someone who is generally progressive and informed about social issues, such as police brutality and systemic racism.

If, on the other hand, you see this sketch and think “Holy crap, they’re next-gen JNCOs,” well… you’re not really wrong.

Have a wonderful onion-day, kids!!