Yesterday, we posted about the up-coming 7th Edition of the Bangladesh Denim Expo and here are some more updates:

Special Events:

Bangladesh Denim Expo is also going to host exclusive “special events” Display of Outfits Made Transparently”, “Transparency Wall”, “A Virtual Tour of Transparent Manufacturing”,& “Transparency Information Center”.

The expo will highlight the importance of the need for transparency presenting the progresses made by the local Denim mills and factories in recent years, through several activities and special events including:

1. Display of outfits made transparently:

This is a selection of denim garments showcasing the transparency aspects treated on the Expo. We will be displaying a variety of denim product, made in Bangladesh using transparent production techniques.

2. Transparency Wall:

This is a graphic and detailed display of the progresses in transparency made by Bangladesh denim industry. Combined within the Transparency Information Center area on the mezzanine level of the expo will be Transparency Wall highlighting the features and benefits of producing transparently.

3. Virtual tour of transparent manufacturing:

Take a 21st century tour to a unique opportunity to see real examples of transparency with a 3-D virtual reality tour of denim mills, jeans factories or laundry , without leaving the expo grounds, in our hand built virtual reality booths.


4. Transparency Information Center:

The mezzanine level of the expo will also be featuring a Transparency Information Center promoting organisations and companies that offer support and education about all aspects of transparency within the garments gallery.

Trend Zone:

The 7th Edition of Bangladesh Denim Expo will have an specially created trend zone area on the on the mezzanine level showing the latest developments for Spring/ Summer 2019 from exhibitors of the expo and reinforcing the transparency theme.

denim exhibition

Denim Innovation Night:

To highlight the capability of Bangladesh in innovative design and creative presentation of denim wears which will bring new addition of global denim fashion & trend; Pacific Jeans, the largest manufacturer of premium denim in Bangladesh, is presenting a ‘Denim Innovation Night’.

The ‘Denim Innovation Night’, scheduled to be held on November 8th, will demonstrate that the love for denim is only credible as a sustainable contributor to the prosperity of Bangladesh as a nation and as a business offer to European and US brands if sociological  ethics and environmental considerations are in place.

The latest state-of-the-art in denim finishes and production innovations will be on display during ‘Denim Innovation Night’.

The Founder and CEO of Bangladesh Denim Expo,  Mostafiz Uddin, comments: “The Denim Innovation Night strives to set an international standard in terms of sustainable, ethical and fashionable denim collections with the backdrop of the heritage and future of denim. It is the first time that a fashion show of this scale is going to be held in Bangladesh. “The objective of Bangladesh Denim Expo is to promote Bangladesh on the global denim scene. We appreciate Pacific Jeans for presenting the Denim Innovation Night at the 7th edition of the expo”, he added.

“The Denim Innovation Night will help to explore all new and upcoming sustainable denim trends, demonstrating the vision for a Bangladesh as an ethical production country”, said Syed Mohammed Tanvir, the Director of Pacific Jeans.


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