denim shorts

Being myself an ex Brazilian “native” I can assure you that most Brazilians at one time or another actually do play some volleyball at the beach. For a lot of them it’s a full time program on weekends and any free day.

Alessandra Ambrosio, as a real native Brazilian, is no exception! She showed off her skills at the beach in Santa Monica, California, clad in a pair of tiny low waisted and distressed denim shorts from Australian brand, One Teaspoon.

For us here in cold New York, seeing someone at a beach AND wearing minuscule denim cut offs … we’re jealous. But we know, summer will one day soon make a “come-back” and denim shorts are so definitely going to play a big role in our wardrobe staple!! And more so, as many of us will soon be leaving for some awesome resort…. 🙂

Check out some denim shorts to wear RN in sunny California or at your winter get-away here and here.

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