boyfriend jeans

Poor Bella Hadid was suffering in her outfit. She either hung on to her jeans that appeared to be falling off, or she hung on to her cropped top – to avoid flashing her underboob?

So what’s the fun in dressing in clothes you have to permanently adjust or risk them falling off or showing too much.

But this said, if it wasn’t for the bad fitting, Bella’s outfit is pretty cool every-day-“Californianesce ”   😉

She should have downsized her jeans, or wore a belt, or suspenders, or use some emergency safety pins. And her cropped top could have been a tiny bit longer or more fitted!

And trashed jeans are still going strong, at least, while it’s still warm in LA!

It’s a good time now for you to replenish your denim stock of these, as they will not be going anywhere soon! Check out some rad ones here and here.

ripped jeans