OK, I am confessing my pastime when I am stuck waiting for the bus or the subway, or standing in line for anything: checking Instagrams! Oh well, it could be worse, I guess 😉

This is how I came across this fab style blogger, Hannah Rose Osofsky in her insane BLANKNYC lace-up jeans!

They’re in a kind of modern vintage black wash with a frayed and unfinished hem, featuring lace-ups along the front of the legs with – get that – velvet laces. How cool is that, right!

And if you happen to live in the colder hemisphere right now, better still! You can wear these over some colorful tights that will show when you move, love it!

The BLANKNYC Crash Tactics Lace Up Skinny Jeans is right now available at Nordstrom and on the BLANKNYC website.