skinny jeans

What I love about our very own New York City based brand, BLANKNYC, is that no matter when I look on their website, there is always something new and exciting there. It’s awesome – and so very fitting for a NYC based company, the city that never sleeps! Totally BLANKNYC never sleeps as well! 😉

This time what I found were those so very unusual fringed babies. While everybody else is doing fringe ankle hems, they went and came up with a “calf”- hem, or “below-the-knee” hem…And this, besides the the super trend of two-tone denim.

So if you are searching for some exciting new skinnies that are actually “do-able” and not weird or totally off, then these should do it for you.

Made of stretch denim in two shades of blue, these jeans are in an ankle length and a lower rise.

You can buy the cropped fringe jeans on the BLANKNYC website for $98. And to top it off, they’re offering a 20% discount right now as well.

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