Ever since we first introduced Bluer Denim @Denimology back in 2013, we have been looking out for the brand because of their unique selling approach. It was a brand solely sold online and therefore they could skip all the “middlemen” and sell high class premium denim for super accessible prices.

Well, they’re about to make a come-back. Her is what Jeffrey Shafer, owner and creator of the brand tells us:

“We launched Bluer back in 2013 on Kickstarter. Our mission was clear…

BLUER DENIM is a transparently sourced American premium denim brand. We will build and distribute world-class, 100% Made-in-the-USA jeans and denim products exclusively online, at previously impossible prices. BLUER aspires to become a global leader in ethical business practices that include providing recycled and re-purposed denim to people in need, as well as strict corporate responsibility and a reduced environmental impact.

The world has changed considerably during the past four years. We are massively thankful to all of you who have joined our mission and helped us along our path.

NOW is the time for us to take our brand and mission to the next level. The new chapter begins with a new web site. We made it faster and easier to use.”

And there is more, please note:

In order to show our appreciation, please accept a $25.00 credit on your online purchase. All you need do is enter our promo code “BLUERMOVEMENT” at check out.”