Iggy Azalea – yeah, she really did it! With all the choices available, she had to choose a pair of plastic, or, if you prefer, vinyl, jeans to wear at the promotional event for temperature control brand, Ember, in Hollywood.

And not only that, she actually paired those plastics with an even skimpier tank top, struggling to contain her ample assets, which are the result of her 2015 boob job. And then she added a pair of shocking pink Louboutin booties with the skinniest stilettos. Ugh – zero stars for her outfit this time.

The only reason I posted this is because I think Iggy is pretty good in what she does, rapping. And also because she gives us a perfect example of how not to dress – ever! It’s just too cheap and trashy looking. πŸ™

Now, if you do want to wear vinyl pants, no prob, just make sure you wear them with anything oversized on top and nothing too clingy. Boohoo and Mango do have them in their current collection.


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