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So here’s the thing – I have been trying for a while, just out of curiosity, to find out which denim brand was the first to ever come out with jeans made with stretch. When exactly did stretch jeans become THE must-have item you couldn’t live without? Which brand started the avalanche of possibly the most popular clothing item ever?

This is not a just by-the-way- question, but a serious one. BECAUSE there is such a controversial discussion going on right now about vintage jeans that are made of rigid denim versus the comfort of contemporary stretch jeans.

I mean, either you are a vintage denim lover and therefore, of course you know, that there was no stretch back then, or you prefer the modern time jeans with the added comfort of spandex/lycra. You can’t have it both ways in one pair. But you can definitely wear both ways LOL!

There’re hundreds of brands now offering jeans that have an authentic vintage look (kinda, in my modest opinion) and the comfort-stretch included. That makes them what? Modern future vintage jeans?

Anyway, to come to the point of this post: I realized that I am right at the fountain and started reaching out to some of the biggest denim gurus around, and still, I am not closer to a name and date, so to speak.

The closest I came to some answers was with Invista’s Lycra reps telling me about Burlington, which was the first manufacturer ever to create stretch lycra back in – hold it there – 1953.

And of course, Adriano Goldschmied, our beloved denim godfather, says: “PETER GOLDING with DAILY BLUE and WRANGLER, all this was before the 78, probably 76. I was a good friend of Peter and I remember that he did his first production in Hong Kong. Stretch jeans started much earlier then J Brand and DL1961*. The explosion was in the 2000, first with comfort and then, in the 2005-2006’s with super-stretch. I think I was the first one to introduce the superstretch with GOLDSIGN.”

{*I had asked Adriano about both J Brand and DL1961, because these two brands are the ones to come to my mind first when I think of stretch jeans}

So here I am, asking you guys about what do you think, do you have any memory or recollection of when you first found out about stretch being used in denim? We would love your input – please leave a comment below this post, and we will def get back to you.



  1. I remember having black ankle means with zippers that I wore clubbing in 1983-1984. Before that, I had flare jeans until 1979 or so. The fabric was thin and soft without stretch but the waistbands had elastic.

  2. as fat as I know, by what people told me – at that time, you could wear the jeans only 1 or 2 times max because they used to stretch and you had to wash and dry them…..

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