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Cone Denim White Oak Plant

Brooklyn based Williamsburg Garment Company is offering a 20% discount:

Save 20% on Stretch Selvedge Pre-order

“One of our best sellers, the Stretch Selvedge returns to stock next month. All sizes will be open for pre-ordering until Wednesday, November 15th. Afterwards, production sizes will be decided and the pre-ordering 20% discount will remain available and expire Saturday, November 18, 2017.

With the closing of the Cone Denim White Oak Plant, this could be the last time the original U.S. produced fabric is used for this style. We have enough fabric to produce 100 units. Reserve your size today!

Discount Code: 20-STRETCH-17

If you are not familiar with Cone Denim Mills, they have been American’s leading supplier of high quality denim fabrics to apparel brands since 1891. Nearly all of the most popular and successful small to mid-sized domestic jeans makers in the United States rely on Cone Denim as a key supplier. At Williamsburg Garment Company, about 90% of the denim we use is American made Cone Denim.

And the consequences?

“Ultimately there will no longer be any denim (wide and selvage) produced in the USA after December 31, 2017. All denim operations will be focused out of Mexico and China.”

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