black denim men

Wilmer Valderrama was heading back to his car following a night out with friends, after the Guns ‘N Roses concert in LA.

He was dressed fashionably all in black, wearing a pair of slim fitting black jeans and a black denim jacket. As opposed to the ladies’ striving to achieve the most oversized looks, Wilmer here opted for a really tight fitting denim jacket showing off his toned arms and we love it!

Unfortunately, we don’t get to see a lot of male celebrities in black denim – why do you think that is? At least here in New York, even at night, you rarely see some guys wearing a black jacket. Most of them seem to prefer a rather baggy and medium to light blue style.

How about getting the guy in your life some rad back denim jacket?!? The ones from Naked and Famous, Dr. Denim, and Calvin Klein are some great choices.