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Ohhhh noooo adorable Chloe Moretz looked so sad, almost crying, as she was coming out of the CVS store in Studio City, Los Angeles.

Seems she got some sad news on her phone….we are rooting for her that she just had a look at the NYC weather forecast ;-). This would definitely be a reason for crying out loud. And she might have to go back as she actually lives here in NYC these days.

Not only would pretty Chloe no longer be able to wear short shorties, but her quite cool denim jacket probably will also be confined to her closet.ย And she’d also have to switch from her white Reebok sneakers to some heavy duty booties. We’re expecting our first snow of the season this weekend.

Chloe’s denim jacket is a regular trucker, but has zippers on the front pockets, details that make the jacket stand out.ย  All of us are mad about zippers, so we don’t get why not so many denim jackets feature them.

We found a similar denim jacket with zipper details from Calvin Klein and 3.1 Phillip Lim.

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