The first ever Bangladesh Fashionology Summit will take place in Dhaka on the 12th of February, 2018. The idea is to bridge the gap between the present and the future of the textile and fashion industry through technology, innovation and knowledge sharing.

The private apparel sector promoter of the country, Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE), is going organize the day-long international summit with the aim of attracting a wide spectrum of the fashion, technology, and innovation stakeholders across the entire ecosystem.

Apparel stakeholders, including brands, garment makers, technology and innovation companies, fabric producers, and software service providers across the world will participate in the summit to discuss about the latest products, technologies and innovations that will take shape in future and dominate the fashion industry.

“Our mission is to facilitate modern and innovative technology driven apparel manufacturing and to provide an opportunity to build a thriving community of leaders and innovators. They will our nation to transform into a ‘next-generation’ apparel manufacturing and marketing hub by using the latest digital technology and advancements”, explains Mr. Mostafiz Uddin, Founder and CEO of the BAE.

“We want to unite the most inspiring and innovative thinkers/companies from around the globe to initiate the much-needed conversations about technology, digitization, and innovation in the apparel and fashion industry,” Mr. Mostafiz added.

Apparel and fashion industry is on the verge of a huge transformation and disruption. This is enabled by digital and technological advances sweeping the apparel industry and the customer expectation panels.

“We believe that the time is ripe for Bangladesh – the second largest apparel exporter.  We are ready to form a leadership role in shaping, defining, and initiating a future that is sustainable and profitable for all stakeholders”, states Md. Mohiuddin Rubel, Managing Director of Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE).

Keynotes, exhibits and knowledge sharing sessions from some of the brightest minds and most inspired thinkers from across the globe will converge at Bangladesh Fashionology Summit. They will cover a wide range of compelling topics that are relevant to shaping the future of our industry.

The ideas and discussions will be brought closer to reality by an exhibition in parallel hosting a diverse range of forward thinking exhibitors ranging from promising start-ups to established industry leaders.

The four key conversation themes for the event are:

Factory of the Future – which will cover ideas ranging from automation, robotics, co bots for apparel industry to latest RFID controlled digital shop-floor control systems, virtual photo-realistic simulation for apparel prototyping and product development to cyber security.

The second theme will cover‘Mass Customization and On Demand Manufacturing business models and how changing customer expectations are forcing traditional business models to re-think and change their business.  Like upcoming newer technology savvy entrants to the apparel business from heavy weights like Amazon, to start-ups like Unmade, Shoes of Prey, or Farfetched etc.

The third track will focus on innovations and technology advancements in the space of sustainability and Eco-innovation.

The fourth theme will explore the new age of fashion industry, which is a blend of engineering and aesthetics in form of 3D printing or smart sensors, conductive threads, smart wearables, LED lit up clothing etc.

FYI: This is an “By Invitation Only” event.