2017 was an incredible year for us @Denimology! We got to know a lot of you guys through our Forum, and we loved to read all your comments.

We had a great denim giveaway time – and we were stoked with all your feedback and the comments about the jeans so many of you have won.

We also want to say a big, a HUGE, thank you to all the amazing denim brands that have been part of our everyday Denimology life, be it in our posts, or with the giveaways. Without you, there would be not much for us to write about.

And the most important thing – THANK YOU to all our readers, without you, there would be no reason to write anything about denim:-)

And a very special thank you to our publisher, Tom, for providing us with this amazing opportunity to write about everything denim.

Thank you, Nathan, for making our site look awesome and help us to survive all the technical disasters.

And least, but no way last, thank you to all our reviewers – without you, Denimology would not be complete.