ripped jeans

Kristen Stewart was out with a friend in Los Angeles – and judging by her outfit, it wasn’t such a warm California day either. So I am not too envious, as right now here in New York City we’re suffering the coldest winter ever (or so it feels to me) 🙁

Kristen wore a pair of vintage-like Levi’s 501 jeans, pretty much trashed up, with holes  and dirt stains, as well as distressing all over the front of the jeans. She paired them with an oversized black half-zip sweater which looks to me like a borrowed-from-the-guys kind, super cool.

And of course, her inevitable sneakers! This time she opted for a pair of grey ones and wore them over classic black and grey plaid Burlington socks. So cool – I was wearing the exact same pair today as well! They’re so warm and cozy…

Kristen finished off her look with an orange beanie and a pair of black wayfarer shades.

You can buy similar vintage like Levi’s jeans at Urban Outfitters and, of course, at Levi’s in stores and online.

shredded jeans