embellished jeans

If you love embellished denim, then there is no better time than right now – holiday season.

Now, if you are like me and yeah, I like embellished –  but pretty please no “OVER-decorating” for me – then the Parker Smith Ava jean is the ideal solution. After all who wants to wear a pair of jeans that look like some living room drapery, or sofa upholstery? 😉 Not moi.

The Ava comes in a very clean medium grey wash and features delicate dome shaped studs along one side of the hips and halfway down the upper leg. Nothing too overdone here, but you are spot-on making your “holiday point”! And there is also the benefit that – as opposed to the ugly Christmas sweater – you can absolutely wear these jeans any season.

The same jeans also come in a black wash, if you don’t want to go any other way!

Because of the shaping Parker Smith stretch denim, you can even eat your whole Christmas dinner and still not feel restricted by a pinching waistband. Sound good?

You can buy the Parker Smith Ava Skinny in grey here, and the black one here.

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