Following up with our series of Sustainable Denim, here is what The Denim Expert, the biggest denim manufacturer in Bangladesh tells us:

“We, at Denim Expert, believe in producing our products in the most sustainable way. We classify sustainability in parameters listed below”:


1. We deploy laser etching machines to eliminate manual process in the denim dry process. The laser machines effectively reduce the necessity of workers in areas like whiskering, and hand brushing among many others.

Since laser machines are very precise, the waste of rejected fabrics is almost zero.

2. Reducing noise levels

We have modified our dry processing equipment’s like grinding tools which formerly operated pneumatically into manual machine based operations. This has reduced the noise levels considerably in the shop floors.


1. We  are now using safer chemicals in the laundry processing. We ensure the chemicals used in the laundry are Green screen/ Blue Sign certified. Therefore our fabrics comply to the standards established by ZDHC.

2. Usage of multi-functional chemicals

Thanks to advanced research and study done in the field of chemicals, we are using super-efficient multi-functional chemicals which now replace single function chemicals. We reduced the traditional method of four to five chemical washes to one single process.  Not only does this save time and money, but most importantly it saves a lot of water ad reduces the use of chemicals in large quantity.


1. Water less

We have deployed many steps to reduce the usage of water in our laundry by optimal loading, less water usage in the machines, and combining several finishing options, thereby reducing the usage of water.

2. Rainwater harvesting

We are blessed with good rains in Monsoon. On our factory’s approximately 5000 square feet rooftop we collect the rain water during monsoon rains. This water is used for all the toilet flushing and cleaning purposes, thus saving about 200 cubic meter of water every day for almost 4 months in a year.


1. Feed water for boiler

The steam used in the driers, the  condensed steam, is being used as feed water in our boilers. Since the collected condensed water will have a temperature of 90 degree Celsius the need of heating the ambient water is not required.

2. Converting the light to LED’s

We systematically replace traditional tube lights with LED lights. We have changed 15% of our factory lights to LED and plan to replace all our existing light sources to LED in next two years.

3. Applying inverts to heavy duty machines

Our heavy duty machines are fitted with power inverts to reduce the power consumption in our laundry.

WOW – so much stuff here we never think about or even know it exists… pretty interesting, isn’t it!

More sustainable denim posts coming up soon, so stay tuned. This is the kind of information we all need to know to help keeping our earth a good place to live 🙂

Check out some samples of the Denim Expert’s denims below – and just FYI these jeans are just samples, and not available for sale.