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If you are like me, itching to check out what’s new in denim, then you are at the right place in the right moment right here!

As lots of my fellow editors have been pointing out lately, we all feel a lack of “newness”. Most of the new denim collections are like been there, done that.

Of course there are always those avant-garde (really?), or fashion-forward (really, again?) brands that go totally overboard, creating completely far-out denims that look good maybe on a Hadid or on a Jenner, but never in “real life”. Think Vetements, Unravel, R13….just to mention a few.

When we think of new denim, we think of jeans that we would love to wear, everyday maybe, or, at least, quite a lot of times. And do we want to spend a thousand bucks on one pair, I think not!

This is why I was stoked when the guys from Canadian brand Naked & Famous sent me their latest denim creation, The Classic – 11oz Indigo Selvedge Denim, made from indigo rope dyed Japanese selvedge denim, with the most reasonable price tag of $150.

But let me tell you, at first glimpse I thought, oh no, not another wide leg that I won’t be able to wear anyway right now in winter… and the jeans are so long. Another pair that I will have to cut off? I am so over cut-off jeans from all summer long, I want something with a regular hem.

I e-mailed my buddy at N&F and asked him about this, should I cut off the jeans now, or wear them first, and wash them, and then cut off (shrinking?)….And to my surprise, this is what he answered me:

“The jeans won’t shrink much, so you don’t need to worry about that. My wife wears this style with a big cuff, and so do many of the ladies here in the office. I think that might look good on you too.”

And with this he sent me the images you can see here. And guess what, I am sold. Totally obsessing every day more – yeah! I am trying to do this 30-days-without-washing thing! Really! I won’t be able to do it in 30 straight days, but I have been wearing these babies already for almost 10 days, on and off, and they are slowly becoming me! You can read about the 30 day experience of one of the N&F ladies, It’s interesting and you’ll find my comment there as well!

About the style: A mix between a vintage straight leg and a modern wider (not wide) leg, with a super – and I mean “uber” – high waist. I got them in my regular size. The waist fits perfectly and there are none of those weird bulges around the crotch either. I am cuffing the jeans in the wide cuff exactly as shown in the image above on the girl at the right. Insane. Different. New. Attention calling, and eye-catching.

If you want to get away from the blue blues, no problem. These same jeans also come in a very interesting beige wash: 10oz duck canvas woven in a plain weave construction. Used primarily for workwear because of its strength and durability, duck canvas was once the fabric of choice to make jeans before denim became popular in the late 1800’s.

So, what do you guys think of this latest Naked & Famous creation? Let us know in your comment below 🙂

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