cropped black jeans

And just right for the upcoming New Year’s Night – A tuxedo stripe jean!

The Parker Smith twisted tuxedo jeans are like absolutely perfect for this time of the year. Think….Going out on a very special date, or celebrating with your family and friends, there is always a festive kind of vibe.

We’ve all done the LBD, and whatever else, so why not go for some fancy denim this time?!

Parker Smith promises that this black wash does not fade. Oh yeah, I do believe this as I have had quite a few blacks from them over years and they’re totally holding up!

The Twisted Tuxedo jeans feature a black velvet stripe on the side of the legs – that would look amazing paired with a velvet jacket or a velvet sweater. And the hi-low hem, or step hem, is ideal to show off whatever shoes or booties you are going to wear.

You can buy the Tuxedo jeans on the Parker Smith website as well as at Nordstrom.

Parker Smith jeans are now available at Bloomingdale’s, too:-)

tuxedo stripe jeans