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PRPS El Camino – Patch It Boyfriend Jeans

I don’t know about you, but I always have a serious (denim) problem in wintertime. And one of my biggest frustrations is that I can’t choose what I am wearing.  But the clothes choose me. Meaning, I gotta wear what’s warm and comfy and as many layers as possible.

This said, of course, ripped jeans are totally out for me, unless I wear them over the Uniqlo Heattech leggings and look like a bulging monster. Blah.

So, thank you PRPS *Donwan Harrell, for creating a boyfriend jean that is edgy, fun, and ripped AND PATCHED! Yeah, and let’s not forget, made of 100% cotton, my preferred denim. You solved my problem! I am able to continue wearing my distressed and ripped jeans with the benefit of keeping warm!

This is why the PRPS El Camino – Patch It Boyfriend Jeans are going to be a steady part of my winter life. And tell you what – I guess I am going to remove the patches, or at least some of them, when spring is back. Cool, right!?

And here’s more good news: PRPS also created a very similar pair of jeans, a more slim fitting boyfriend, also made of 100% cotton and super distressed, ripped, and patched, the El Camino Reworked Boyfriend Jeans. They are the same idea, just in a more fitted, slim boyfriend style, but they actually do have some rips… good for you California ladies! Check them out on the last image below.

PRPS jeans for women are available at Nordstrom and at Shopbop, as well as on the PRPS website.

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