Another one of these freezing winter days in New York City and I had to be out in the cold. Feeling like a stuffed teddy bear in my 25 (well, almost) layers – not in a good mood. On this you can believe me.

So what’s a denim addict doing to lighten up the moodiness and “unfreeze”? Well, in my case, it was like I was just passing by the 3×1 Soho store and bingo. My home away from home. Welcoming warmth, tons of super cool and insane denims, rolls and rolls of selvedge denim along one wall, and really the most awesome jeans on the racks.

My super-friendly and accommodating buds offering me hot tea or anything I’d like and, of course, a walk through all the denim racks. What more could I ask for?

Well, getting to the point: The “point” being a pair of cropped BOOTCUT jeans with ankle zippers! Incredible, way outside of the box!

Normally when you think of jeans with ankle zippers, you imagine some cropped skinny jeans – well, I do, or better, I did!

But now 3×1 is giving us another option: a super trendy cropped bootcut jean with quite an impressive, almost chunky, ankle zipper. How cool is that!? 😉

It’s like you can instantly transform your cropped bootcut into a cropped flare.

These babies are the 3×1 W25 Midway Gusset Zipper Crop Alpha and they are AWE-SOME!! A very flattering mid-rise and totally form fitting.

What can I tell you, after all this, the relaxing atmosphere, our denim talks, and trying on different new jeans – of course, my sour mood was gone and I went straight back to the office to share with you guys:-)

And more freaking freezing days to come – snowstorms ahead…..

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