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The summer of 2018 will witness two International Denim Shows hosted by Vietnam will host the third edition of Denimsandjeans and India (Bangalore) will host the second edition of the highly successful first edition.


Vietnam, being one of the most important sourcing destinations, has become the favorite destination for the sourcing heads. The country is already a large supplier of apparel to US and EU and is expected to further grow in the coming years as the pending FTA with EU goes through mid of this year as expected by the authorities. This will bring numerous opportunities for the country to grow itself and play a much larger role as international supplier of apparel globally. Vietnam has currently about 6,000 garment related companies that employ 2.5 million people and exported $31 billion worth of clothing and textiles in 2017.

Vietnam is the 2nd largest exporter of apparel to the US behind China. Though the free trade agreement with the US and Vietnam (TPP) was chopped by President Trump but Vietnam is still able to produce for their US customers with reasonably competitive price. From a labor cost perspective, Vietnam Garment Industry in 2017 is cheaper than China and Eastern Europe. Vietnam has signed many bi-lateral trade agreements with other countries including Russia recently which, in long run benefits the local as well as the International Denim Supply Chain Partners. Vietnam has very favorable trade policies and the labor conditions are very stable as compared to other countries. In the latest Apparel Survey Report released by Mckinsey, Vietnam ranked in top 5 as the best sourcing destinations in the world.

The 3rd Edition of Vietnam show is scheduled to be held on June 27th and 28th at Riverside Palace, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The theme of the show is going to be “ROCK N ROLL”,  focusing on the importance of denim in the rock and roll history.

Denim combined with “rebel music” have had a long-standing relationship that goes all the way back to the days of Elvis Presley, James Dean, the Beatles, Rolling Stones and other names around the 60s.

Basically evolving from American origins, the Rock n Roll developed sub cultures in UK and several styles started becoming synonymous with it. This included hard denim, leather jackets, pomp hairstyles, and more. Jeans were an inseparable part of these singers and bands. The rock n roll looks and its effect on denim can be seen in resurgence with skinny jeans for men and dark and grunge denims, leather combinations and more!This show will be a small tribute to the classic era of Rock N Roll Fashion and their pioneers including Elvis Presley & James Dean.

The entry to the show is through Invite only and the denim buyers can register here to get an official invitation.

The organizers are also in touch with important European associations with the purpose of attracting more European buyers, specifically keeping in mind the upcoming FTA.

“Buyers from US and especially from EU are showing keen interest in Vietnam in anticipation of EVFTA and our show enables them to find all the international and domestic suppliers at one place and therefore we are pretty much sure about its success and initial trends of buyers’ registrations for 3rd edition has strengthened my belief” said Mr. Sandeep Agarwal


The world’s largest democracy, 2nd largest market and 3rd biggest economy, Yes! India is a country of massive opportunities especially in the Retail sector. The country will be touching the magical figure of USD 1 Trillion by 2020 as far as the Indian Retail Industry is concerned.

Few decades ago, the country ruled the International Textile Industry and after such a long gap, India is again attracting the International Retailers as the taxation and ease of doing business are becoming more favorable for the foreign investors.

Denim has been one of the main booming textile segments in India in the past decade. Whereas in 2005 the consumption of jeans in India was less than 300 million pieces, today it’s almost doubled with an annual growth rate of more than 10%. This gives India the distinction of being the second largest consumer of denim apparel after China. India is set to get a big lead over US and EU in coming years, as its consumption increases in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities and consumption reaches about 1 billion jeans in next 5 years!

The 1st edition of Denimsandjeans India was a great success and witnessed phenomenal attendances throughout the show. With over 1500 visitors from all the major brands, retailers, buying houses etc in India and some from overseas, it was probably the best aggregation of denim industry in India in a very long time. The post show report of the last show can be read here.

The 2nd edition is scheduled to be held on August 1st and 2nd at the Hotel TheLalit, Bangalore. The theme of the show is going to be “DENIM GENDERFREE” with the focus on the growing trend of creating unisex denim collections.The entry to the show is invite only and buyers can register here to recieve an official invitation.