Italian brand, Dondup, has recently undergone a restructuring; to steer the company towards international expansion and up its fashion ante, Au Jour Le Jour’s designers Mirko Fontana and Diego Marquez have been appointed creative directors. The Resort collection bears their distinctive mark, a playful combination of street style–inspired staples, coquettish flair, and tomboy attitude.

Diego Marquez was on hand to expand on the collection’s new direction: “Dondup has an incredible know-how on industrial execution mixed with artisanal skills. We took full advantage of their heritage, but introduced a more fashionable spin.”

It was apparent in a lineup refreshed with a play on the masculine/feminine codes, peppered with references to 70’s pop music with a British vibe. A touch of don’t-take-me-too-seriously romanticism was also thrown in the mix for good measure.

We got kind of caught by the “double jean” style (image above)! We’ve seen it before in some of the more vanguard denim collections, and it looks like this style is going to be quite a trend for the denim fashion lovers. But what about that denim mini skirt with the colorful fringes… reminds me a bit of furniture cover? Curtains? (image below), and the faded wide leg jeans also with the tassels, not too sure about these!

As for the more “wearable” denim styles – there’s the boiler suit in a dark blue and sober wash, as well as the quite-a-lot distressed denim jumpsuit. Slouchy straight leg jeans with colorful floral exposed buttons, baby pink denim jackets, ruffle dresses.

We really like this collection and can’t wait to see it in stores. For now you can shop for their current collection on their website, as well as at Yoox, and at Farfetch.


{images courtesy Vogue}