Just a couple of weeks ago I had posted about Ian Berry’s amazing Secret Garden at the Children’s Museum of Art in New York. A garden made of hundreds of denim pieces.

Ian has released this video of “the making of” which really gets across the scale and the work that went into the creation of that Secret Garden.

You see hundreds of leaves and vines that made up the decoration of the garden. It took Ian two months to prepare, and a week to install everything at the museum in Manhattan.

The interesting thing is that not only did he prepare all the denim patches in Italy with Tonello, (the Italian laser expert company) as well as in France and in his London studio. And only after having done all the preparations, did he come to New York to install it all.

If you take a closer look while watching the video, you can see all the details of the leaves, butterflies, and flowers, impressive!

It’s even more special as the denim patches are mainly all Cone Denim from White Oak, a tribute of kind to the amazing place that has now closed its doors. Ian wrote about it in a heartfelt piece – you can read it here.

The video was produced by Sean Riller who filmed on location at the museum and really captures the magic of the garden. The video already has over 60,000 views on his Facebook page.

But we suggest, if you can, go and see the real thing at the Children’s Museum at the 103 Charlton Street location in TriBeca. The Secret Garden will be featured there until April.