Calling all ladies who love vintage, going back in time when….!

As you know, Lee Cooper recently launched a capsule called “The Cooper Collection”. This is about a highly sophisticated and unique line featuring raw selvedge denim.

Last year we posted a review of their selvedge skinny, and, it’s about time to talk about an alternative style. I didn’t want to go the “boyfriend way”, but instead chose a pair that is literally a totally unique outside-of-the-box creation: The Henrietta Wide Leg Vintage Workwear.

And what makes these jeans so unique? First of all, the fit is truly a throwback to the 50’s. Slouchier but still fitted on the waist and the hips.

The waistband features a side-belt on both sides of the jeans (cinch waist) and a vent at the back. Instead of the customary 5 pockets the jeans feature two slit pockets in the back. That’s exactly what guys’ dress pants look like. And along the side of the hips two deep side pockets, also exactly the way men’s pants usually do. Men’s pants in general always feature deep pockets.

The legs are a completely straight wide leg, no tapering, and come with an inseam of 32″.

Additional worthwhile mentioning is the brown very vintage-y leather patch. Everyone into vintage denim appreciates the way they used to make the labels back then – more brown-ish and made of real heavier leather.

The way you should wear these jeans is exactly like shown on the model here. A bit lower on the waist than you think – almost as if they were a drop-crotch. You should roll them up at the cuffs to achieve the authentic old-time look.

Please note: When you first receive your jeans they will look and feel pretty stiff. You need to wear them for a while and they will soften up significantly, but still retain the rigid feel. Do hold on and not wash them for as long as you can stand it, it’s definitely worth it. Make them your own by letting them adjust to your body naturally.

The Henrietta is made of 13oz sanforized denim: Sanforized denim has been stretched, fixed and shrunk in length at the mill. This is done in order to reduce the amount of shrinkage that can happen after your jeans’ first wash. The result of sanforization leads to 1-3% shrinkage, as opposed to 10% shrinkage with unsanforized (shrink to fit) denim.

The fit is absolutely true to size. I would not up- or down-size because these jeans are meant to be worn exactly like shown on the picture.

If the Henrietta isn’t exactly your kind of style, you can check out other options from the limited Cooper collection here.