black jeans

In my previous post about Bella Hadid I mentioned the RE/REDONE black jeans and that they now launched a pair very similar with STRETCH!

I asked them, what made them do a capsule of stretch denim, I was really surprised. RE/DONE for me is synonymous with rigid and reworked jeans with sometimes just a tiny amount of stretch for comfort. Read on what they answered me:

“The stretch we launched this week is a new fabric – different than the previous stretch we offered. The “old” stretch had very minimal Elastan, so it was really like a rigid jean with a little comfort stretch vs. this jean, which is a true stretch jean.

We love our RE/DONE customer who wears rigid jeans, but we didn’t want other possible customers, who aren’t comfortable without stretch, to feel left out of the RE/DONE world. Hence, our first real stretch jean.”

Needless to say that we are stoked for all of you guys – now there is no more excuse! AND, these jeans are also very reasonably priced  ($195) as opposed to their vintage rigid denim. They actually look exactly like the non-stretch denim: cropped, hi-rise and with a frayed hem. You get the look plus the comfort.

I have no idea yet about the fit and the feel of the jeans, but by the look of them, they seem to have maintained the real denim feel. A most important factor for most of us denim lovers.

These jeans come in five different washes ranging from light blue to black and are available now on the RE/DONE website.

stretch jeans
hi-rise jeans