This week’s edition of Top Jean(s) of the Week is based on purely one thing: staying warm.

Here in New York City, we are going trough the biggest freaking freezing winter temperatures in I don’t know how many years. They say it’s been the coldest New Year’s Night in about 100 years.

So we’re back to this: I can’t choose what jeans I am wearing. The jeans choose me. Sound silly? Maybe, but this is the way it is for all of us New Yorkers right now.

You open the closet doors and go: which pair of jeans will be comfy enough to layer over my Uniqlo leggings, or thick stockings, or thermal long johns…..

Here are a few of my best choices. Obviously, skinny jeans don’t enter. Layering tight fitting jeans over anything impedes a regular blood circulation and you’d be freezing to death. {no, I don’t have a doctor’s degree, just my very own experience ;-)}

This leaves me with my wide-leg and boyfriend jeans, and also a couple of slouchy fitting straight legs.

boyfriend jeans
Topshop Displaced Boy Jeans by Boutique
black jeans
SIMON MILLER W006 Wide-Leg Jeans
slouchy jeans
Vince Cuffed Union Slouch Jean

AND denim overalls: they are actually the most comfortable to layer, as they don’t have a waistband and because of this don’t drag down your leggings as you are walking.

one of a kind
Urban Outfitters Vintage Denim Overalls
denim overalls
Tommy Jeans 90s Capsule Overall
{winter image: Andrew Savulich}