trucker denim jacket

And continuing the weird jean saga of last year, here’s a first for 2018!

This time it’s not about a pair of jeans, but a “double” denim jacket from French brand Y/Project. The Parisian label came up with a trucker jacket lined with Shearling that you can button in a way so that it looks like as if you were wearing two jackets.

Why would I ever want to do to this? I think it makes much more sense to actually layer two jackets that you can also “separate” when needed.

Well, but if you are into this kind of look, the Y/Project Layered Denim Convertible Trucker Jacket is available at Barney’s.

And in case you just want to layer a couple of denim jackets, try layering the Topshop Shearling lined Tilda Borg Denim Jacket over the fitted Vince Camuto fitted one.

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