“No, that wasn’t a typo. Deisel is Diesel’s code name, and we went undercover in Chinatown, during NYC fashion week with a knock-off of our own shop. Except it was a double-bluff – because the pieces inside were part of a limited-edition capsule collection. Yep, our fakes weren’t fake. What the fake?!”

So, is Diesel becoming cool again? Looks like it – they’re back with one more of their hilarious ad campaigns. Just that this time it’s not a literal ad campaign but more like a – well – knock off campaign. And it’s legitimately fake.

What you guys need to know is that the items at the Deisel store are actually one-of-a kind pieces specially crafted by Diesel´s design team disguised by the fake Deisel branding.

The DEISEL store will remain open until Monday, February 12th, but you will be able to buy the limited edition items online as of February 13th.

Oh, and if you are in NYC – you should try to pass by the store, located at the corner of Broadway and Canal Street, right then and there, as the “knock-off” pieces are also selling for “knock-off” prices…