We’ve always associated jeans with rebels and rock ‘n roll, right?!

Therefore nothing more fitting than to have a trade show bearing the title of Rock ‘N Roll.

“Denim and rebel music have had a long-standing relationship that goes all the way back to the days of Elvis Presley, James Dean, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and other names around the 60’s. Basically evolving from American origins, the Rock n Roll developed sub cultures in the UK and several styles started becoming synonymous with it .

This included hard denim, leather jackets, pomp hairstyle, and more. Jeans were an inseparable part of these singers and bands. The rock ‘n roll looks and its effect on denim can be seen in resurgence with skinny jeans for men and dark and grunge denims, leather combinations and more.”

Denimsandjeans brings its third edition of the denim supply chain show to Vietnam, inspired by the theme “Rock N Roll “. With every show being theme based, the show tries to focus on important aspects of the growth of the jeans industry. ‘Rock n Roll’ is one such effort in this direction and seeks to refocus and reinvent the marriage of music and denim.

To visit the show, you can register here.