For months I have had the craziest and most exciting denim images popping up on my Instagram. So I decided to find out who was behind these really creative and innovating denim styles.

The brand is called Denimcratic and is located in Chicago. The owner and creative designer of the brand, Gabriella Meyer, talked to us about her brand.

But before we go there, let me just tell you that I am totally aware of the fact that many of you guys out there will find these denims to be a bit “too creative”, or too far-fetched. That’s fine, we get you. But remember, there are tons of denimlovers out there who are looking for new and innovative styles. And mass production brands simply do not include a lot of variety of denim styles in their collections.

So what Denimcratic offers here, is just the perfect and individual way out of your everyday denim, a kind of “luxury”, and we all “are allowed” to have some of these in our closets for special occasions. Or even just when we feel like we want to “dress to impress”.

Here is what Gabriella Meyer tells us:

“DENIMCRATIC LLC utilizes repurposed denim and digital fabrication to create a streetwear brand with an insurgent aesthetic. The brand is new, emerging only 8 months ago, and focuses on working with the client, for the client. I consider myself a multi-disciplinary artist, having transitioned from political cartooning and animation, to now designing for my brand. Even in designing clothes, I try to keep my work relevant to political and social issues that are becoming increasingly desensitized. In addition to the clothing, we have a monthly featured blog on our website, the Denimcratic! Republic! News! (DRN!). It’s more of a satirical and shitty tabloid, than it is a blog, and we absolutely love working on it. I work with two very talented girls on the blog, Jacqui Frey, and Anna Peterson. Jacqui writes, and Anna does the visuals.

DENIMCRATIC currently focuses on the use of recyclables, however I am beginning to dabble in manufacturing through means of collaboration. Currently I am working on a limited collection with Marta Goldschmied (she is one of Adriano Goldschmied’s daughters), that will highlight women empowerment in conjunction to harassment in the workplace. It’s a very special project and opens an increasingly important dialogue. It’s exciting to see it come into fruition after all the hard work we have put into it. That collection should be coming out in mid- March so stay tuned!

Check out the website or Instagram to see more thats going on at DENIMCRATIC LLC. We are currently focusing on sales through pop-ups and e-commerce. I take orders by email so there is a dialogue between customer and designer, in creating these one of a kind garments.”

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