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And the good news is that there is a new SUSTAINABLE denim brand just launching: Life After Death.

Life After Death Denim produces premium denim and clothing made of 100% recycled, sustainable, and/or dead stock components.

Here is what the owner and designer, Mary N Bruno, tells us about her brand:

“Made in LA sustainable denim brand using recycled fabrics and components. I have worked with local laundries to develop wash processes that use 85% less water and zero chemicals in the wash development process. I am a seasoned veteran of the denim industry and have lead design teams for some of the most iconic American denim brands like J Brand, Ralph Lauren, Earl Jean, and Levi Strauss during my 25 year denim career.”

“Each Life After Death Denim garment is truly unique for color and graphics. No two items are the same. We search the globe for mills that invest in sustainable fabrics utilizing recycled yarns and sustainable fibers such as hemp and Tencel. Our hardware is made of scrap tin from motor oil and paint cans – yielding an eclectic mix of colors, graphics and verbiage. Our interior labeling, zipper tape and pocketing are all made with recycled elements. We even upcycle vintage camouflage jackets to make our labels.”

The first collection is intended to be a mix and play on proportions – a little sexy, a little tough – but always with a California cool girl vibe. Who says sustainable can’t be sexy?

Their first seven piece release in 2018 contains denim, fleece and jersey tops as well as an upcycled Army Tent Jacket.

After having checked out the Life After Death (rad brand name for denim that has been recylced!) we asked Mary:

We are curious about the fact that most of the new and totally sustainable denims come in practically the same washes as the “regular” not environmental friendly ones. Where is the catch? Why doesn’t everybody do sustainable then?

Mary answered us:

“That is the question!! Why isn’t everyone doing it.

It’s more time consuming and expensive to do washes without the use of traditional chemicals , stones and lots of water . The traditional way is also what manufactures know how to do.

I look at how the food industry has changed. How the expected norms in food processing have completely evolved. Over time that industry convinced everyone that natural and organic foods were better and worth the cost.

Even though there are still companies making food with unnecessary chemicals, eventually that way of processing will become a thing of the past. I’m hoping the same will be true for the denim industry. Eventually the old way of washing denim will be a thing of the past. It’s a guiding principle for our brand to inspire the next generation of denim brands to channel their creativity and knowledge to change the way in which jeans are made.”

Mary had sent me a pair of the black distressed jeans to try on, and I must honestly say that if I didn’t know better, I would never notice any difference in their black wash from all other distressed blacks (not sustainable) that I own. Super soft, molding the hips and the hi rise fits perfectly at the waist. The jeans run absolutely true to size. And while I am at it, I also really loved their label which is not made of leather. Instead they are using a recycled camo fabric, super edgy, an each label is different – see below.

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For now, you can purchase Life after Death denim on their website and we will keep you updated when the collection will be available at other retailers as well.

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