grey jeans

Isla Fisher was out on a shopping trip in Beverly Hills buying some clothes before dashing to her waiting car.

She was dressed in a comfy and casual style, opting for a pair of grey jeans paired with a plaid flannel shirt and ballet flats.

We’ve noted way less flannels this year as opposed to last winter, but I kind of think of them as a staple. Sometimes spot-on-trendy, and some season just not so hot. But they are definitely an item to have in our wardrobe.

Isla’s jeans are a super low rise style with knee rips and distressing. Are low rise jeans really happening again? What do you think?

If you love, Express has them in some interesting washes, and Nordstrom has a good selection of grey ones. And if you hate, here are some cool HIGH RISE in a grey wash for you!

low rise jeans