Finding denim that works as hard as you do? no problem! But finding “workwear” that is stylish and durable enough to make your steel toe boots jealous… well that’s something Australian Moto-denim brand Saint has managed to do for your fellas!

Saint recently partnered up with RSEA Safety to create their Workwear collection. Its an insanely (literally) “strong” and fashionable collection that features purpose-built Saint denim that is 500% tougher than your standard 12oz denim. Now usually heavy denim  means restricting, rigid and uncomfortable, but Saints jeans still gives the wearer the stretch and mobility they require to fulfill those demanding “heavy” duty jobs. Whats remarkable about this collection is that Saint has integrated Dyneema’s UHMWPE, which simply put is the worlds strongest fiber into their workwear fabric. It ages, looks,  feels and even stretches like your favorite  pair of jeans without compromise.
Their product line also features cargo pants, jackets and shirts, as well as pre-shrunk cotton tees, hoodies, caps, beanies and socks. The perfect wardrobe essentials for the hard working man who wants his clothes to outlast his job.  

Saint has said it before…they don’t compromise looks for safety, or safety for fashion, they want you to look good, feel good, and Hopefully get off the job looking decent enough to enjoy a nice cold one at your favorite pub. 

You can now shop Saints, Works collection here.