By what we can see from the Street Styles during London Fashion Week, it was all about cuffed hems.

From wide and flat folds to scrunchy rolls, it seems like every London Fashion Week street style star is cuffing her denim, and we’re totally loving it. After a few seasons of frayed, cut-off, and unfinished hems, I believe we are ready to go back to our regular length hems again. At least, I am. Because then I can actually choose the length, which make it more fun to complete the look of the shoes I want to wear. Some kind of shoes just don’t look too good with a short and frayed hem. And especially when wearing rigid denim.

What is your take on this? would you rather buy a pair of jean with a “ready made” unfinished hem, or would you prefer your regular inseam and cuff your jeans.

On a by-note – I have been seeing A LOT of wide cuff jeans in almost all spring and summer collections I have previewed so far.

Here are a few examples: RtA with a cropped flare leg, Liverpool, and Hudson.


{images: ImaxTree}