If you have read my posts at any time, then you know that I am not the biggest fan of skinny jeans, especially when they are more stretch than denim!

But, over the years, the True Religion Halle jean, always was one of my exceptions. The fit is simply impeccable for me. If you have a flat butt, wider hips, and strong upper legs, than it’s really not easy to find a perfect fitting pair of skinny jeans. They are either gaping at the waist and super tight at the legs, or they are so skinny that they actually give you a camel toe and pinch.

With the True Religion Halle jean, I have never had any of these problems. They are made of 92% cotton, 6% elastomultiester, 2% elastane and maintain the total feel of denim. The Halle used to come in a regular length for years, but lately they have made them also in an ankle length with a 29″ inseam, even better for us on the shorter side.

And this time True Religion has definitely “spoken” to my inner rocker girl – they did the Hale in a motorcycle style. I am a goner for moto jeans, the more details the better!

The Halle Super Skinny Moto jeans feature cross stitch seam details along the knees,  on the side of the upper legs, as well as on the back below the waistband. The front of the jeans is divided in three panels, upper part, knees, and lower legs. A rad and insane way of making a pair of skinny jeans look extremely edgy.

The Halle Super Skinny Moto jeans are available at Nordstrom, and you can also find the Halle in different styles and washes on the True Religion website.